These DIY bath bombs with rose petals are relaxing and leave your skin soft and smooth thanks to the corn starch and the coconut oil.


diy rose bath bomb

The feminine and elegant rose scent will inebriate your senses and revitalize your mind together with these romantic rose petals that will float on your bath tub.

Bath bomb ingredients

For 1 regular bath bomb or 4 small ones (depending on the mold you use):

  • Baking soda: 96 g
  • Citric acid: 48 g
  • Corn starch: 72 g
  • Coconut oil: 12 g
  • Glycerin: 18 g
  • 60 drops of rose cosmetic fragrance (I used this one)
  • Rose mica to color or any other natural coloring.
  • Dried rose petals.


homemade bath bombs recipe
Bath bombs recipe

  • Mix all the ingredients together.

  • Put a small amount of rose petals in the mold.

diy bath bomb mold plastic film to unmold


  • Pack the mixture into the bath bomb mold and press firmly.

  • Gently remove the bath bomb from the mold and let it dry and harden at least 3-5 days before using it. If you have problems removing the bath bombs from the molds, cover the molds with a plastic film.

rose bath bomb recipe

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