This DIY lotion bar smells so good that you would like to eat it. When I worked on its scent, I tried to imitate the same of the famous Lush soap named ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’.

lotion bar recipe

To reproduce it I used a honey natural cosmetic fragrance, sweet orange essential oil and Tonka absolute. Try it if you are a fan of that Lush scent or you like the delicious and gourmet aromas!

This solid body butter recipe contains a 50% of cocoa butter, that is my favorite one for cosmetics like this one as it gives the right consistency and sleekness to the lotion bar.

You should then add 31.8 g of oil or a mix of oils. I suggest you jojoba, argan, coconut, macadamia or rice bran oil.

To harden it I used candelilla wax, that is harder and prevent the bar to melt too much, especially in summer. I also added an organic and honey scented beeswax to harden and perfume at the same time.

To properly use this solid body butter bar, rub it on your wet skin after the shower.

DIY lotion bar recipe lush honey iwashed the kids


DIY Lotion bar ingredients

  • Cocoa butter: 50 g
  • Oil: 31.8 g
  • Beeswax: 10 g
  • Candelilla wax: 7 g
  • Tonka absolute: 0.1 g
  • Honey natural fragrance: 1 g
  • Sweet orange essential oil: 3 drops

Lotion bar recipe

  • Melt together the cocoa butter, the oil, the waxes and the tonka absolute.
  • When the waxes are completely melted, remove from heat, wait a couple of minutes and add the honey fragrance and the sweet orange essential oil.
  • Pour into chocolate molds and let the lotion bars harden.

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