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I’m Liliana, also known as Eden, and I love making natural homemade cosmetics with a little bit of art and creativity.

I’m Italian but I live in Spain since 2007 and few years ago I decided to start publishing my DIY cosmetic recipes in my blog, EdenStyle Magazine.
My website become quite popular in Italy and people from other countries started to ask me to translate my articles to make them available for everyone.

After a bit of brainstorming with my boyfriend, that is the best advisor I would ever have, I decided to open a new website, to share my recipes and guides with all the English speaker natural homemade cosmetics lovers. The next step will be translating everything in Spanish… but it will take time considering that the English translation in still ongoing (the Italian website contains around 500 articles!).

The world of natural homemade cosmetics is wondeful, but it's important to follow some basic rules and be informed to avoid issues (check the Guides area for more info). All the recipe of my blog are made with natural and toxic free ingredients, the same that you could found in Eco Cert cosmetics (and similars). I also pay special attention to ingredients safety and cosmetic making procedures, avoiding measuring by eye and paying attention to possible (and dangerous) interactions. 

Stay tuned and come to visit me frequently because I'm going to add many new blog posts on a weekly basis. I also invite you to join my new Facebook page (I feel quite lonely there considering all the followers of the Italian one... but I love challenges and starting from scratch from time to time) and my new Facebook discussion group to directly talk about homemade cosmetics and share recipes and ideas.

I have much more to say... but you'll discover it by reading my blog and following me on the various socials!


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(feel free to contact me in English, Italian or Spanish)

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Eden Cosmetici fai da te e creatività (Italian)

Facebook discussion groups about homemade natural cosmetics:
DIY Natural Homemade Cosmetics - (English)
Cosmetici ecobio fai da te - Il giardino dell'Eden dello spignatto (Italian)

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