Ultrabalm DIY recipe
This all purpose DIY balm is inspired by Ultrabalm Lush recipe. Very easy to make, it contains 3 ingredients only and is suitable for vegans.  It doesn’t contain beeswax but candelilla wax and rose wax. Candelilla is a protective vegetable wax that makes cosmetics harder and is also used...

Delicious DIY lotion bar recipe

This DIY lotion bar smells so good that you would like to eat it. When I worked on its scent, I tried to imitate the same of the famous Lush soap named ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’.

 [ ... ]

Romantic Violets bubble bar recipe

I love the romantic and vintage scent of violets and I find it irresistible when strengthen by the oriental labdanum notes. 

These violet bubble bars contain both violet natura [ ... ]

Lavender bath bomb recipe

  Lavender scent is perfect for a relaxing bath taken right before going to sleep. These DIY bath bombs contain lavender essential oil and lavender dried flowers that will float [ ... ]

Rose bath bomb recipe

These DIY bath bombs with rose petals are relaxing and leave your skin soft and smooth thanks to the corn starch and the coconut oil.   The feminine and elegant rose scent will [ ... ]

Green Apple scent DIY bath bombs recipe

These colorful DIY bath bombs have a delicious green apple scent and leave your skin soft thanks to the coconut oil they contain. You’ll love them!
Bath bomb ingredients Baking [ ... ]

Bath bombs recipe – Roses bonbons

I love creating bath bombs because they let me play with my creativity and imagination. These sweeties look like roses and chocolate bonbons, but are made with baking soda, citric acid  [ ... ]

About me

I’m Liliana, also known as Eden, and I love making natural homemade cosmetics with a little bit of art and creativity.

I’m Italian but I live in Spain since 2007 and few years ago [ ... ]

DIY bubble bars recipe - Marshmallow bubble bars

  These Lush inspired DIY bubble bars look like marshmallow and have a delicious scent that will inebriate your senses. If you crumble one of them under running water, you’ll [ ... ]

DIY perfume recipe – SPA pleasure

This is another DIY perfume recipe inspired by a Mandy Aftel’s book called Essence and Alchemy. Oriental and relaxing, it remembers SPA cosmetics scent and can be considered as a D [ ... ]

Elegant DIY floral oil scent

This feminine and elegant floral scent is inspired by an awesome recipe I found in a Mandy Aftel’s book called Essence and Alchemy. Once created, the geranium smell will override  [ ... ]

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